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Information for the community 

Loose-fill asbestos and the community

The NSW Government, with input from a range of experts, has determined that demolition, comprehensive site remediation and disposal are the best ways to ensure the health and safety of the NSW community. The Voluntary Purchase and Demolition Program is now being delivered to provide safety, certainty and support for the NSW community.

The program is being delivered in four stages:

  • Identification and assistance – property testing, air/dust assessments and support for owners and tenants of affected properties
  • Purchase – valuation and purchase of affected properties
  • Demolition and remediation – demolition of affected properties and remediation of the land
  • Use or sale of vacant land.

After a property has been purchased, but prior to its demolition, NSW Fair Trading will engage with neighbours and councils to discuss any impacts on the neighbourhood or the local community.

For more information have a look at the demolition information for neighbours page, read the Loose-fill Asbestos Guide for Neighbours and the NSW Community (PDF size: 600kb) or refer to the Demolition waste disposal fact sheet.


NSW Fair Trading acknowledges the ACT Asbestos Response Taskforce for their permission to re-edit and re-use audio-visual material in the making of this animated sequence.

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