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Leaving a village 

When you leave a retirement village, you may be required to pay certain costs and charges including:

  • a departure fee
  • charges and costs relating to repairs and sometimes refurbishment
  • costs relating to the sale of your unit.

The amount you are required to pay may vary depending on whether you are a 'registered interest holder or a 'non-registered interested holder'.

You are a 'registered interest holder' in a retirement village if you are:

  • an owner in a strata scheme or a community land scheme retirement village,
  • an owner of shares in a company title scheme giving you a residence right in a retirement village, or
  • the holder of a registered long-term lease that entitles you to at least 50% of any capital gain that may be made when your unit is sold. A registered long-term lease is a lease that has a term of 50 years or more, or runs for the duration of your life.

You are a 'non-registered interest holder' if you live in a retirement village and do not fit into one of the categories above. That is, you live in the retirement village under a loan/licence arrangement, a registered lease that has a term of less than 50 years or a residential tenancy agreement where there is no term in your contract excluding the provisions of the retirement village laws.

This section contains information on your rights, obligations and the steps you will need to take when you leave a retirement village if you are a: