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Standard fact sheet.
Large print fact sheet.

Operator's access to residents' premises 

Residents have the right to privacy and quiet enjoyment of their premises. The operator (or anybody else acting on their behalf) must not interfere with a resident’s reasonable peace, comfort and privacy. This means they cannot enter a resident's premises except with their permission or as allowed by the retirement village laws. In most cases the operator has to give notice to the resident first.

The operator, or a person authorised by them, can only enter for the following reasons and with the corresponding minimum amount of notice to the resident.


Notice required

To do ordinary repairs or carry out general maintenance

7 days

To carry out urgent repairs, such as fixing burst water pipes, dangerous electrical faults, gas leaks or blocked toilets


In an emergency


If the operator has good cause for serious concern about the health or safety of anyone in the premises


To carry a general inspection of the premises (maximum twice per year), but only if the resident is a non-registered interest holder under their village contract

7 days

To install smoke alarms or change the batteries

2 days

If the resident consents to the entry

At the resident's discretion

In accordance with a NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal order

As ordered by the Tribunal