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Strata schemes 

The key features of living in a strata scheme are:

  • you own your unit or apartment as well as sharing ownership and responsibility for ‘common property’
  • if you own your unit, you are automatically a member of the ‘owners corporation’ which has responsibility for common property and key decisions affecting the strata scheme
  • you contribute to the cost of running the building through paying quarterly levies
  • you also have to pay money into a capital works fund, for future long term expenses such as painting the building or replacing guttering
  • compared to living in a freestanding house, there will be lifestyle restrictions in a strata scheme. For example, there are rules (by-laws) that may affect you doing renovations to your unit, that state where you can and cannot park your car, where you can dry washing or whether or not you can keep pets.

Did you know? All strata buildings in NSW must be fitted with devices that enable windows to be locked at 12.5cm when the devices are engaged. Owners corporations must have devices installed on all common property windows above the ground floor by 13 March 2018. To find out more, visit the Window safety device requirements page.

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All residential accommodation across NSW must have at least one working smoke alarm.

View or download our Strata Living guide (PDF size: 1.16mb)