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Standard fact sheet.
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In a strata scheme 

Meetings of the owners corporation 

The owners corporation must meet at least once each year at its Annual General Meeting. Additional general meetings can be held when necessary to decide on the general running of the strata scheme and any issues which arise. A lot owner, or owners, who hold jointly at least a quarter of the unit entitlements, may request a meeting to be held at any time.

For more information, read the Meetings of the owners corporation page.

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Meetings of the strata committee 

Strata committee meetings can be held as often as the members like during the financial year. The Secretary can convene a strata committee meeting at any time. Alternately, one third of the strata committee members may ask the secretary, or any other committee member, to call a strata committee meeting.

For more information, read the Meetings of the strata committee page.

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Electronic communications 

The owners corporation can decide how meetings are to be held and the method of voting.

This includes enabling voting and/or meeting participation through technology such as email, teleconference, video conference calls and the use of voting websites. Pre-meeting electronic votingis another option that owners corporations can choose to allow.

An owners corporation may, by resolution, adopt any of the following means of voting on a matter to be determined by the corporation:

  • voting by means of teleconference, video-conferencing, email or other electronic means while participating in a meeting from a remote location,
  • voting by means of email or other electronic means before the meeting at which the matter (not being an election) is to be determined by the corporation or committee (pre-meeting electronic voting).

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