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Builders' Continuing Professional Development 

Reform of the residential home building laws

The NSW Government has completed a comprehensive review of the residential home building laws. Visit the Major changes to home building laws page to read more about the changes to the home building laws.

For builders and swimming pool builders

Individuals licensed as a builder or swimming pool builder under the Home Building Act 1989 are required to undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) each year as a condition of licence renewal.

In late 2006, an independent evaluation recommended changes to the CPD operating in the NSW home building industry. As a result of these changes builders and pool builders now undertake CPD by doing courses or learning activities delivered by training providers and industry experts under an improved and simplified program.

Since 1 January 2008, CPD has been operating more simply under a 12-point per year system. The features of the current CPD program are explained on the pages listed below. Alternatively, refer to the Director-General's Guidelines for Continuing Professional Development for builders and pool builders, or the information booklet CPD Keeping you up to date in PDF format (size: 602kb).

Keeping you up to date  - 

The eight identified CPD topics offer a choice of relevant and useful subject areas so you can learn what you need.

Simple points system  -

CPD has a points system so you can record and keep track of your learning. CPD activities earn you either 1, or 2 points per hour or up to 4 points per year. You must undertake activities to make up 12 points per year.

Eligible activities  -

Most CPD activities are offered by organisations and businesses throughout NSW. It is up to you to choose the training that suits you and your business and the cost of learning will depend on the activities you choose.

Record keeping -

You are not required to send your CPD records to Fair Trading but you must keep records of your CPD activities. Refer to the example of a CPD diary for more information.

Examples of earning points - 

There are many ways to meet your CPD requirements.

The old 25-point system -

Differences between the old 25-point CPD system and the 12-point one currently in place

CPD contacts -

List of organisations able to assist you find CPD activities in your area.

Frequently asked questions - 

Answers to your questions about CPD.

Delivering CPD -

Organisations interested in becoming involved in the CPD program should go to this page for more information about delivery requirements.

Do you have email?

Fair Trading can email you news and information on CPD, legislative reform and other topics to help you keep up-to-date with changes in the home building industry. Read about and subscribe to Foundations, the e-newsletter for the home building industry.

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