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Consumer building guide  

The Consumer building guide is a mandatory document issued by NSW Fair Trading. By law, tradespeople must give consumers a copy of the guide before they enter a contract for residential building work worth more than $5,000.

Builders and tradespeople can print the guide below to give to consumers before they sign a residential building work contract.

Some building industry associations also provide the Consumer building guide as part of their sample contracts and traders can contact their industry association for more information about this service.

The content of the Consumer building guide PDF can be reproduced and included as part of home building contracts on the following conditions:

  • You do not modify the information.
  • The NSW Fair Trading logo is not reproduced unless the PDF of the Consumer building guide is reproduced in its original format and without alteration.

For any use of the information other than inclusion with home building contracts, please refer to our Copyright page.

The Consumer building guide reflects the changes to the Home Building Act and the Home Building Regulation 2014.

Copies of the Guide dated before 1 March 2015 are no longer accurate. Traders should use the updated guide and updated contracts as soon as possible.

It is noted that 'small jobs' contracts should now include a copy of the Consumer building guide. Prior to March 1 2015 this was not the case and it is the result of changes in the thresholds for the different types of contracts.

Visit the Consumer building guide page in the Tenants and Homeowners section of our website to download and print the Guide.

Tradespeople will be kept up-to-date with any future changes to the Guide via Foundations email alerts.

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