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Gas supply consumer safety

Reforms to home building laws

From 15 January 2015 new home building laws will commence. Further amendments will start on 1 March 2015. For more information, go to the Major changes to home building laws page. 

In NSW you must be licensed to undertake gasfitting work as defined in the Home Building Act 1989. Gasfitting work means any work involved in:

  • the installation, alteration, extension or repair of a gas installation, or
  • the installation, alteration, extension, removal or repair of any flue associated with a gas installation, or
  • the connection or disconnection of a gas container, gas regulator or gas appliance to, or from a gas installation except where it is designed to be readily detachable from the installation. Replacing worn pigtails or changing over cylinders is exempt from the definition of gasfitting work.

Gas installation means a system of pipes and associated fittings that is designed to convey gas from the control valve or other connection point of a gas container to the control valve or other connection point of a gas appliance or of another gas container, and includes any flue associated with the installation, but does not include a gas container.

Gas appliance means any gas burning or gas using appliance that is manufactured, adapted or designed for connection to a gas installation, whether by means of a gas outlet socket or otherwise, and includes any liquefied petroleum gas dispenser, catalytic burner or vaporiser, but does not include an internal combustion engine that is installed in, or forms part of, a vehicle, vessel or machine.

The following pages provide information for gasfitters on gas compliance requirements, including the new certificate of compliance/inspection form, safety and industry codes and standards:  

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