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Green energy installersĀ 

Reform of the residential home building laws

The New South Wales Government is reviewing the residential home building laws. Visit the Review of the home building legislation page to read more and to download the position paper which outlines the 50 proposed changes to the current laws.

Green energy is energy that is produced in a manner that has less of a negative impact to the environment than traditional energy sources, which can produce harmful side effects. “Greener” types of energy, also known as renewable energy, include solar, wind, and hydro energy.

There are a number of requirements that traders must be aware of before advertising, contracting and/or installing any green energy system. 

NSW Fair Trading is responsible for ensuring that green energy installers undertake their work in accordance with the relevant Australian Standard. It is essential that all household and business installations are compliant with safety standards.

Traders installing green energy systems are required to meet the appropriate licensing requirements of the Home Building Act 1989.

This section provides information for traders in relation to the installation of 'green energy' systems in homes and businesses throughout NSW.

Installing solar panels