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Roof tiling 

A roof tile is a pressed or moulded tile of concrete, clay or metal fixed in rows to tile battens and lapped at the ends and sides to provide a weather tight exterior surface to roof and fascia structures. For licensing purposes, the term ‘roof tile’ does not include roofing slates, shingles or shakes or imitation roofing slates, shingles or shakes.

For licensing purposes, roof tiling is the fixing of roof tiles to exterior surface of roof and fascia structures.

Roof tiling work includes bedding and pointing of tiles, associated flashing and valley, anti-ponding board, sarking and batten installation. It also includes the installation of skylights, ventilators and the like as well as the application of protective coatings, not involving structural alteration of roof members/components, to tiled roofs.


(1) Completion of CPC30811 / CPC30812 Certifcate III in Roof Tiling 


(2) Completion of any of the following qualifications:

  • CPC30808 Certificate III in Roof Tiling
  • BCG30803 Certificate III in Roof Tiling
  • BCG30898 Certificate III in General Construction (Roof Tiling), TAFE course #7074
  • Qualification 5688 Certificate III in Roof Tiling, Trade TAFE course #7948.

Previous licence holders

If you have ever held a licence in the current prescribed classes (Home Building Regulation 2014, clauses 13 and 14, excluding clause 13(a)(ii)) and you apply for a new licence, your previous licence will be accepted in lieu of the current qualification requirements.

To find a Registered Training Organisation that provides the qualification listed above, refer to the information on building licensing courses.

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