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For licensing purposes, the term stonemasonry means construction using natural or artificial stone laid unit by unit and set in mortar.

Works encompassed by the term stonemasonry includes the following:

  • internal or external stone walls,
  • stone veneer facing or cladding (this is work that may also be done within the category of carpentry),
  • construction of stonemasonry staircases,
  • pointing of stonemasonry work,
  • minor non-structural concreting ancillary to stonemasonry work,
  • flashing associated with stonemasonry work,
  • stone flagging,
  • stonemasonry retaining walls not requiring approval under the Local Government Act 1993 (for licensing purposes, retaining walls requiring such approval are considered to be covered by the class of Structural Landscaping).

Note: the licensing classes of bricklaying and stonemasonry do not include concreting works that are not minor and ancillary to the performance of bricklaying and stonemasonry work or concreting that is structural in nature or provides structural support (eg. concrete slabs, concrete footings, etc) except in such cases where footings are placed for the construction of free standing fences or walls that are not subject to loads other than the weight of the components of the fence or wall (eg. does not include concrete footings for dwelling walls, retaining walls, etc).


(1) Completion of CPC32311/CPC32313 Certificate III in Stonemasonry (Monumental/Installation)


(2) Completion of any of the following qualifications:

  • CPC32308 Certificate III in Stonemasonry (Monumental/Installation)
  • BCF30600 Certificate III in Stonemasonry (Monumental/Installation)
  • Completion of Qualification 15765 Certificate III in Stonemasonry, TAFE course #8032
  • Qualification Certificate III in Stonemasonry TAFE course #2109
  • Certificate III in Stonemasonry, Trade TAFE course #5138.

To find a Registered Training Organisation that provides the qualification listed above, refer to the information on building licensing courses.

Previous licence holders

If you have ever held a licence in the current prescribed classes (Home Building Regulation 2014, clauses 13 and 14, excluding clause 13(a)(ii)) and you apply for a new licence, your previous licence will be accepted in lieu of the current qualification requirements.

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