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Renewing a licence or certificate 

For home building or trade work 

All licences and certificates offer the option of a 1-year or 3-year renewal.

A renewal form showing your licence number, expiry date, renewal fee, licence class and other details is mailed to you several weeks before your licence or certificate is due to expire.

If the expiry date nears and you have not received your renewal notice in the post, contact Fair Trading on 13 32 20. It is your responsibility to renew your licence on time.

Renewal options
Renewal process
Things you should know

Renewal options 

Renew online 

All home building licences and certificates can be renewed online. Where a renewal fee is payable, you will receive a discount by renewing online.

Go to the NSW Government Licensing Service website and have your renewal application form on hand:

  • under the heading 'or renew' enter your licence or certificate number
  • enter the renewal notice number and click 'go'
  • if any personal details such as your address has changed, click ‘Amend my details’ and follow the prompts to update
  • if you have no events or occurrences to declare click 'I agree' to certify*
  • choose a renewal period (1 or 3 years)
  • if applicable, enter your credit card details
  • to proceed click the 'Lodge renewal' button.

*Note: If you are unable to certify that you have no matters to declare, do not proceed with an online renewal. Lodge your renewal in person at a Fair Trading, Service NSW or Government Access Centre. It is an offence under the Crimes Act to make a false or misleading statement when completing the online declaration. The maximum penalty is 2 years imprisonment or a $22,000 fine or both.

For help to renew online, call Fair Trading on 13 32 20.

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Renew in person 

In addition to on-line renewal you can also renew your licence or certificate in person at your nearest Service NSW or Government Access Centre.

When renewing in person at a Service NSW or Government Access Centre you can pay by cash, cheque, money order, credit card or EFTPOS.

Call 13 32 20 or visit the Fair Trading website for the address details of your nearest Centre.

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Renewal process 

Licence assessment 

Renewal applications that are lodged by any other method than online or in person, or are incomplete, missing documentation or the fee, will not be accepted, and may be returned to you. Once your completed application, supporting documentationand any fee payable has been received, the application is assessed. If renewal is approved, your new licence card will be posted to you.

Late renewals 

If you do not renew on time and your licence expires, you mayhave to pay a 'restoration fee'. If your licence expires and you do not apply to have it restored within 3 months, you will have to apply for your licence to be reissued to you. This involves a new application process and payment of a new application fee.  This takes time and you cannot trade until your new licence is issued.

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Refusal of a licence or certificate 

If one of the following situations applies to you, your licence may not be granted or renewed:

  • you fail to provide particulars requested by Fair Trading
  • you fail to satisfy continuing professional development requirements if you are an individual certificate or licence holder for Building or Swimming Pool Building
  • your licence was surrendered or cancelled before the expiry date
  • you have been disqualified from holding a licence 
  • you owe money to Fair Trading as a result of a judgment 
  • you hold a provisional licence or certificate 
  • you are an apprentice or trainee 
  • you have not complied or are unable to comply with insurance requirements 
  • your licence has been suspended 
  • you are bankrupt or were bankrupt within 3 years prior to your application for renewal
  • you are or were a director or a person concerned in the management of a company:
    • that is or was the subject of a winding up order
    • when a controller or administrator has been appointed or 
    • when a controller or administrator was appointed (within 3 years prior to your renewal application)*
  • you are subject to an unsatisfied Tribunal order 
  • you have had an unreasonable number of:
    • complaints 
    • penalty notices 
    • formal cautions 
    • paid insurance claims
  • your application is made using false or misleading information 
  • a close associate (who is not a fit and proper person to hold a licence) exercises a significant influence over you or your business
  • you are deemed to be an unfit or improper person to hold a licence or certificate.

*Note: This includes where you ceased being a director or a person concerned in the management of a company within 12 months prior to the external administration.

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Things you should know 

What if my address has changed? 

It is a legislative requirement that a licensee must notify the relevant licensing authority, within 14 days of any change that occurs in the licensee’s name, address or other registered particulars.

This means you must provide a change of address form to Fair Trading as soon as you change your address.Fair Trading requires all customers to keep their contact details up to date in order to receive valuable information that may affect their licence.

If you fail to notify Fair Trading of a change of address, this may impact you receiving future renewals and licence cards.

Failure to receive a renewal as a result of not notifying us of a change of address will not be followed up by Fair Trading. If your licence as a result becomes expired for more than 3 months, you will be required to reapply for your licence.

Failure to notify of a change of address may impact your licence card being received. In such cases you will be required to make a request for a replacement card using the appropriate form and paying the applicable licence fee for a replacement licence, certificate or permit.

Go to the Builder and tradespeople forms page on the Fair Trading website for the appropriate form(s).

You can also update your address at the time of renewal either online or at Fair Trading, Service NSW or Government Access Centre.

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Change in circumstances 

You must notify at the time of your renewal if there have been any changes of the circumstances in relation to  your licence or certificate, such as the following:

  • change in address
  • change in your individual name
  • change in your trading, business or company name (provide copy of ASIC material) 
  • change in your partners or the directors of your company
  • change in nominated supervisor
  • you enter into bankruptcy or a scheme of arrangement with creditors, or 
  • your company is deregistered or becomes subject to a winding up order or to the appointment of an external administrator or controller.

Go to the Builder and tradespeople forms page on the Fair Trading website for the appropriate form(s).

Changes in circumstances (other than to contact details and address) require you lodge your renewal application in person, not online.

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Making a false or misleading statement 

It is an offence to make a false statement or omit information when applying for a licence. If it is found that your licence has been issued on misleading grounds, you may be prosecuted and your licence may be cancelled.

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Matters of insolvency associated to renewals 

Current bankruptcy or external administration

If the relevant person(s) to the application are a current bankrupt or the director of a company that is currently under external administration (other than external administration resulting from a members' voluntary winding up of the body corporate), Fair Trading cannot renew a contractor licence in the classes of: Building or Swimming Pool Building.

In all other cases, following assessment of the relevant information, should Fair Trading determine to renew an authority and it is a contractor licence; it will be conditioned with the following: “Only for contracts up to $20000”.

Bankruptcy or external administration within 3 years of the application

If the relevant person(s) to the application have been discharged from bankruptcy or were previously a director of a company in external administration (other than external administration resulting from a members' voluntary winding up of the body corporate), should Fair Trading determine to renew an authority for any class, and it is a contractor licence, it may be subject to conditions.

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