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Autogas installers 

Certificates of compliance changed to certificates of inspection - new forms 

From 1 March 2013 certificates of compliance have been changed to certificates of inspection. Autogas mechanics are required to provide Fair Trading with a completed copy of a Certificate of Inspection within 5 business days following any autogas work.

To download the new form and for instructions on how to use the new form, refer to Certificate of Compliance and inspection - new forms in PDF format (size: 495kb).

Licensees should ensure that they are using either the free form available from the Fair Trading website (above) or new forms sold by suppliers in booklets. Approved forms are identical to the Fair Trading form.

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How to use the new form 

Start filling out the licensee copy, and the details will also appear in the duplicate forms to be provided to Fair Trading and the consumer.

The new form can be used by both gasfitters and autogas mechanics. The sections for vehicle details and autogas containers only need to be filled out by autogas mechanics. Autogas mechanics do not need to provide a copy of the form to the network operator or gas provider.

View or download the detailed Guide to completing certificates in PDF format (size: 67kb)

Identification labels 

Autogas number plate identification labels must now comply with AS/NZ1425 in the case of LPG or AS/NZ 2739 in the case of CNG.

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Compliance plates 

Autogas compliance plates must now be in an approved form as per clause 46-1(a) of the Gas Supply (Consumer Safety) Regulation 2012. Compliance Plates can be manufactured as per the approved form specified below: 

Autogas compliance plate specifications

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Reporting serious gas incidents to Fair Trading 

All serious gas accidents must be reported to SafeWork NSW (if it is a workplace), emergency services, and Fair Trading to investigate and ensure gas consumer safety is maintained.

Gas accidents can be reported to Fair Trading in a manner specified below. Please include information on where, when and what happened, and provide contact details for Fair Trading to get back in touch with you.

Energy Utilities Unit
NSW Fair Trading
PO Box 972

Phone: 13 32 20


A serious gas accident means an accident: caused by the use of a gas appliance, gas installation or autogas installation to supply gas, or by work carried out on a gas appliance, gas installation or autogas installation, and in which a person dies or suffers permanent disability, is hospitalised or receives treatment from a health care professional or is unable to attend work for any period of time.

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