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Standard fact sheet.

Unattended final inspection 

Information for plumbers


IMPORTANT - The arrangements outlined below apply to Sydney, Illawarra, Blue Mountains and Newcastle.

Licensed plumbers have the option of an unattended final audit inspection (except in recycled water areas or installations with alternative water supplies).

It is the responsibility of the licensed plumber to ensure all requirements are met before booking an audit inspection. You should check that all conditions have been met and the completed work complies with the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) and standards AS/NZS 3500 before booking an inspection.

Frequently asked questions

What is an unattended final inspection?

Plumbers can choose not to be onsite for all plumbing final inspections other than recycled or alternative water supply final inspections. The plumber must notify Fair Trading of the day the work will be complete and ready for a final inspection. Fair Trading may then carry out an audit inspection at any time during business hours on that day.

How can I choose this option?

Ensure the following is completed and submitted via email to at least two working days prior to booking an inspection:

  • Certificate of Compliance (CoC).
  • Sewer Service Diagram (SSD).
  • Any previous non compliance notices have been rectified and re-inspected.
  • Arrange for full access around the site on the booked date to enable Fair Trading to conduct the final inspection.
  • Ensure that the property will not be occupied at the time the audit inspection will be conducted.

In addition, the Notice of Work (NoW) form must be submitted prior to commencing work. Go to Applying for a Notice of Work page for more information.

Note: you must mark the email and the paperwork with 'Unattended final' and list the reference number.

Do I have to use this option?

No, this process is optional. If you don’t wish to use this process you may still meet an inspector onsite as per the standard inspection process.

When booking do I need to tell Fair Trading I will not be onsite for the inspection?

Yes. You must say you want to make this an unattended final inspection.

How will I know if the inspection was carried out and that the work is satisfactory?

The current inspection process will apply when a job is booked. An inspector may conduct a physical inspection onsite, or for some booked final inspections, an inspector may not attend onsite and a desk top audit will be done instead.

If the work does not comply with relevant codes and standards, the licensee will receive a non-compliance notice in the mail.

What happens if the site is locked or access is prevented?

It is your responsibility to ensure that site access is available on the booked day. If the final inspection cannot be carried out, a non-compliance notice will be issued, you will be required to book another inspection and pay a re-inspection fee.

Note: If you are unable to guarantee access or site access may be difficult, it may be better to book a final inspection using the existing attended final inspection process.

What happens if the property is occupied at the time of the booked inspection?

Due to privacy and safety issues, an unattended audit final cannot be conducted if the property is occupied and will be occupied at the time the audit inspection is conducted. If it is evident to the inspector that the property is occupied at the time of the booked inspection, a non-compliance notice will be issued and you will be required to book another inspection, which you must attend. An additional fee will be required for the re-inspection.

Who is responsible for the inspector’s safety?

Fair Trading inspectors already do inspections of other types of plumbing work without the licensed plumber being in attendance.

All Fair Trading plumbing inspectors hold a current OHS Construction Induction Card. Inspectors will continue to follow current procedures that require them to conduct onsite safety assessments before entering a site. Inspectors are covered by the NSW Government’s workers compensation insurance.

Do I still need to be onsite for a recycled or alternative water final inspection?

Yes. You or your authorised representative must be onsite for all final inspections of recycled or alternative water supply installations.

Who to contact to book inspections and send paperwork?

To book an inspection or send paperwork:

  • call Fair Trading on 1300 889 099 between 8.00am and 2.00pm, Monday to Friday to book an inspection
  • email to submit paperwork electronically, at least two working days before booking an inspection

Want more information?

If you have any queries or would like to find out more about this option you can email

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