Think Smart program

Think Smart is a community education initiative of NSW Fair Trading aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of consumer rights issues by community members from amongst Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities in New South Wales.

Think Smart is about working and building long-term relationships through partnerships with community organisations and media.

What does it involve?

NSW Fair Trading invites participation from community organisations and multilingual media to work with Fair Trading in educating and providing awareness on consumer rights issues with CALD communities.

Values and trade practices in Australian society are different from many overseas countries. In Australia, every individual has the right to be protected from unfair business practices. Tradespeople and business operatives need to be aware of their obligations under Fair Trading laws.

Partnership agreements

Participating in Think Smart involves signing a Partnership Agreement with NSW Fair Trading. The Agreement outlines the role each party undertakes to actively promote consumer rights issues to CALD communities.

Think Smart partners are expected to:

  • actively distribute information on consumer issues to clients, community workers and staff
  • participate in, or organise promotional events with a consumer issue focus
  • promote the services of NSW Fair Trading to clients, community workers and target audience
  • provide regular feedback and evaluation of the partnership to NSW Fair Trading

In the partnership, Fair Trading provides:

  • regular information sessions to targeted community groups and training for community workers
  • regular updates of topical stories on issues affecting local communities
  • publications and promotional products
  • media releases
  • involvement in multicultural media and community leaders conferences, seminars and workshops
  • a point of contact for information support

For more information about the Think Smart program contact the Education Co-ordinator - Multicultural on 9619 8705 or follow these links:

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