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My Consumer Rights storybook

My Consumer Rights is an educational resource to address the consumer needs of newly-arrived migrants (including humanitarian entrants and refugees) by introducing them to their basic consumer rights and responsibilities when buying goods and services in Australia.

The Storybook aims to help newly-arrived migrants learn about consumer issues to avoid common consumer traps. It also provides learners with opportunities to develop functional English language skills.

My Consumer Rights resource suite includes the storybook, videos and DVD formats. Each can be used independently as a stand-alone information resource. Learners can choose to read the text, view the short video or listen to the text of each story.

Six consumer rights topics are covered by the resource:

  • Your shopping rights
  • Shopping refunds
  • Guarantees and warranties
  • Lay-by agreements
  • Contracts
  • Resolving issues and lodging complaints.

To order copies of this resource (My Consumer Rights DVD), please contact Neneth Costa on 9619 8705 or

My Consumer Rights Storybook (PDF, 11962.24 KB)

Think Smart multicultural education strategy

In 2015 Fair Trading, carried out a review of the Think Smart multicultural education strategy 2012-2015 and conducted face-to-face consultations with Think Smart community partners, community workers, leaders, organisations, educators and other service providers. The purpose of the consultation was to help identify consumer rights issues affecting the settlement of community members from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, especially those newly-arrived migrants including humanitarian entrants and refugees.

As a result, the Think Smart multicultural education strategy 2016-2019 was developed which aims to help CALD communities and individuals better understand Fair Trading’s role and services, and better participate in education and awareness initiatives on consumer rights. The Strategy also outlines ways in which Fair Trading can provide tailored services to meet the needs of people from CALD backgrounds over the next three years.

To order printed copies of this booklet, please contact Neneth Costa on 9619 8705 or

Think Smart multicultural education strategy 2016-2019 (PDF, 1023.83 KB)

WeChat Consumer rights videos (in Mandarin)

Have you heard of WeChat?

WeChat is one of the largest and most popular mobile text and voice messaging application communication services in China. Fair Trading is working in collaboration with the Australia Nanhai Culture Media Group to develop educational videos to help Mandarin-speaking communities in NSW better understand their consumer rights and responsibilities under the Australian Consumer Laws. The Australia Nanhai Culture Media indicated that Fair Trading's functions will be extremely beneficial to their over 250,000 WeChat subscribers and to the Chinese community living in NSW and Australia-wide. The Australia Nanhai Culture Media Group is one of our Think Smart media partners.

The consumer rights video contains topical Fair Trading information delivered by Xiaojing, a Fair Trading Mandarin-speaking staff member with a Nanhai Mandarin presenter. Below are the videos that are now available through Nanhai's WeChat and YouTube channels:

Christmas shopping tips

Buying travel - what consumers need  to know

Fair Trading – what we can do for

Consumer rights - return and refund

Shopping deposits

About the complaints register

Strata laws

Strata laws (new model by-laws on smoking)

Strata laws (keeping pets)

Strata laws (voting rights, quorum, special resolution and etc)

Please help us promote these videos to your Chinese community groups, clients, Mandarin-speaking staff and other relevant networks.

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