Compliance and enforcement data

We carry out targeted compliance and enforcement action to deter businesses against unacceptable behaviour. Publishing the outcomes are vital to achieving this deterrent effect.

Enforceable undertakings

Enforceable undertakings are legal binding agreements between us and a trader where there are reasonable grounds for believing the business is willing to cooperate and rectify the situation without the need for litigation.

Enforceable undertakings can be a beneficial option as consumers receive redress quickly and Fair Trading and the trader cooperate to reach a reasonable solution and prevent future non-compliance.

Compliance and enforcement reports

Enforcement action reports are released quarterly and remain on our website for two years.  They include public information available through the courts or through public registers administered by NSW Fair Trading.

These reports include information on:

  • convictions resulting from prosecution in a court
  • statistical information on penalty notices issued by NSW Fair Trading
  • disciplinary determinations – including results of proceedings in the NCAT.
  • injunctions resulting from civil proceedings in the Supreme Court.

More information

Information is only publicly released when we consider it is in the public interest to do so, having regard to circumstances of the case, the stage of an investigation and the parties involved in the matter, and in compliance with privacy law.

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