KHOURY, Charbel

Name of Individual

KHOURY, Charbel

Licence No.


Trading address

Concord, NSW 2138

Nature of Offence or Unfair Conduct

a. Publish False Misleading Material to Obtain Advantage;

b. Do Electrical Work when Unqualified; and

c. Use False Documentation to Influence Exercise of Public Duty.

Summary of Undertakings given in the Deed

a. to forfeit the amount of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) to the Commissioner for each and every breach of this enforceable undertaking; and

b. to pay the Commissioner's investigation, prosecution and professional costs related to the investigation of any breach of this enforceable undertaking.

Date of Execution of Undertaking

11 February 2015

Expiry of Duration of Undertaking

30 June 2018