Yuscheng Australia Group Pty Ltd and Shan Yu

Name of corporation

Yuscheng Australia Group Pty Ltd and Shan Yu (director)

Trading addresses

Parramatta, NSW 2150

Nature of Offence or Unfair Conduct

False representations in the sale of counterfeit 'aspirational' goods. Section 151 ACL

Summary of Undertakings given in the Deed

  • Trader to cease making false representations relating to the authenticity of counterfeit aspirational goods offered for sale.
  • To refrain from the sale of counterfeit aspirational goods.
  • To create and maintain an inventory register for the acquisition of goods offered for sale in her store.
  • Consent to the destruction of goods seized during the investigation.

Date of Execution of Undertaking

22 May 2017

Expiry of Duration of Undertaking

22 May 2018