Talk it over

We all purchase many things and in most cases, we receive an excellent product or service, unfortunately, sometimes things do go wrong. However, if you deal with issues properly, most can be amicably resolved.

Here are a few tips on how to approach the problem:

  • Discuss the matter with, or address your letter of complaint to, an appropriate person in the organisation (the owner, a local manager or customer relations manager).
  • Explain calmly, clearly and logically the problems you have encountered and also who in the organisation you were dealing with.
  • Suggest a resolution or what you wish the organisation to do for you (replace the item, refund your money, rectify faulty workmanship etc). Also, take into account what they have to say as they may be able to suggest solutions that you have not thought about and that may be mutually agreeable.
  • Provide a reasonable time frame for a resolution to happen.
  • Ensure you provide your contact details so they can easily respond to you.
  • Above all be polite and professional.

Sample letters

You may wish to use the following sample letters as a guide to writing your complaint letter. Simply amend as necessary and print. Don’t forget to date the letter and print a copy for your records.

So what’s my next step?

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