Co-operatives legislation

NSW co-operatives are registered under the Co-operatives National Law applied in NSW by the Co-operatives (Adoption of National Law) Act 2012.

NSW Fair Trading Registry and Accreditation administers the following co-operative's legislation:

National regulatory scheme

For background to the CNL/AUCLA national regulatory scheme for co-operatives and for the dates the CNL commenced in other States and Territories refer to the Co-operatives National Law page maintained by NSW on behalf of the States and Territories.

NSW orders and exemptions

A number of orders and exemptions have been made to support the effective operation of the Co-operatives National Law in New South Wales. These are:

This order under section 60(2) specifies the amendments to co-operative’s rules that require prior approval of the Registrar.

This provides an exemption under section 71(1) for classes of distributing co-operatives from the disclosure requirements set out in Division 2 of Part 2.4 of the CNL.


Prescribed forms are those forms set out in Schedule 4 of the Co-operatives National Regulations.

Approved forms are those approved by Fair Trading for various applications, including financial reporting and notification, where no form has been prescribed.

Schedule of fees

For prescribed fees under the CNL, go to Co-operatives fees and charges.

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