Co-operative enquiries and complaints

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Making a complaint about a co-operative

Before making a complaint about a co-operative, please read Managing co-operative disputes and try to resolve the issue by speaking directly with the co-operative.

Fair Trading's powers

We  can only intervene in matters relating to alleged breaches of the Co-operatives National Law (NSW) which may include a co-operative:

  • operating while insolvent or unable to pay debts
  • acting with intent to defraud
  • not holding board meetings
  • not holding an annual general meeting
  • not maintaining minutes of meetings
  • not providing financial reports to members
  • not lodging annual reports/annual returns.

Consequently, we will not review or investigate every complaint. In particular, we cannot:

  • intervene in or conciliate disputes between members or members and a co-operative
  • provide legal advice (including an interpretation of the co-operative's rules)
  • intervene in or determine the validity of meetings or elections.

Generally, we will only act on concerns where there is a serious risk to public trust and confidence in the sector, AND the concerns relate to a co-operative's compliance with the requirements of the legislation.

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