Making changes in a co-operative

Changing a co-operative’s name

A change of a co-operative’s name requires approval by way of a special resolution. The co-operative should also amend its rules to reflect the change. Go to the registering a co-operative page for information regarding the requirements for a co-operative’s name.

If the resolution is passed, send the following to the Registrar within 28 days:

The name change and amendment to the rules do not have any effect until they are registered.

Changing a co-operative’s rules

For information on how a co-operative can change its rules see the co-operatives rules page.

Address change

Co-operatives are required to notify the Registrar within 28 days of changing its registered address or postal address by lodging form C8A – Notice of change of registered office address () PDF, 1221.71 KB

There is no fee for this application but late lodgement fees apply.

Change of directors or officers

Co-operatives must notify the Registrar within 28 days if any of the following officers are appointed, change their position in the co-operative, change their name or if their appointment ceases:

  • director
  • secretary
  • chief executive officer

Notice is given by lodging form C8 – Notice of change of details of co-operative officers PDF, 1296.62 KB. There is no fee for lodging this form.

Resignation or removal of auditor

Auditors of large co-operatives must apply in writing to the Registrar for consent to resign as an auditor. The resignation of an auditor of a small co-operative does not require the consent of the Registrar.

All co-operatives must send a copy of any notice to remove its auditor to the auditor and the Registrar as soon as possible after receipt of such notice.

All co-operatives must lodge a C14 Notice of Resignation Removal or Cessation of Auditor form within 14 days after:

  • the removal from office of an auditor, or
  • the receipt of a notice of resignation from an auditor

Small co-operatives are not required by the CNL to have their financial statements audited.

Small co-operatives may be required to have an audit under their rules.

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