Frequently asked questions

What is FuelCheck and where can I find it? 

FuelCheck is a free online service from the NSW Government, providing motorists across the state with real-time information about fuel prices. FuelCheck will help you find the cheapest fuel  in your local area or in any suburb or town in NSW, and it will search for the closest and cheapest offering of any particular fuel type.

  • Download FuelCheck for iOS from iTunes
  • Download FuelCheck for Android from Google Play
  • Or visit the website fuelcheck.nsw.gov.au

Never use your phone while driving, traffic penalties may apply.

What's new in the FuelCheck app?

The FuelCheck app has several exciting new features:

  • Set price alerts to receive notifications when your preferred petrol reaches a certain price at your favourite station, or is cheaper at a station close-by
  • Plot your frequent or long journeys in My Trip to locate the cheapest petrol on route
  • Use Trends to track price changes and find the cheapest day of the week to fill up in your local area.

My nearest service station isn't listed on FuelCheck - why not?

If you are searching for a specific fuel type and find that a station near you isn’t showing in FuelCheck, it may be because the service station doesn’t sell that particular fuel or it has temporarily run out of stock.

If you still find that a station near you isn’t showing up, let Fair Trading know by completing a general enquiry form.

What happens if I see a price discrepancy in FuelCheck? How do I make a complaint?

You should not see a different price, as service station operators are required to ensure the price of a fuel in FuelCheck matches the standard price at the pump.

If you see a price difference, you should first alert the service station operator. If this fails to resolve the issue, or if you are not satisfied with the operator’s response, you can lodge a complaint with NSW Fair Trading:

Making a complaint through FuelCheck

To lodge a price discrepancy complaint directly through FuelCheck, you need to do this while you’re still at the service station. To bring up the FuelCheck complaint form, tap on the relevant station in map view and tap ‘Report Price Mismatch’. The service station detail will automatically add to the form and you’ll then be prompted to attach evidence of the price discrepancy which could include a photo of the service station signage or bowser display screen, or a receipt showing price paid).

Never use your phone while driving, traffic penalties may apply.

Making a complaint through on the NSW Fair Trading website

If you would prefer to lodge the complaint at a later time, you can fill out a general complaint form, together with your pricing discrepancy evidence through the Fair Trading website. Please note: You always need to include evidence in order to verify the price of the fuel at the particular time you were at the service station.

How does NSW Fair Trading deal with complaints relating to FuelCheck and fuel price discrepancy?

NSW Fair Trading reviews each complaint received about FuelCheck. Depending on the circumstances, the service station may be fined for non-compliance. If necessary, penalty notices of up to $550 can be issued.

Why is FuelCheck showing me fuel from another suburb?

The FuelCheck website is designed to find the cheapest petrol in or near the suburb you have requested. On some occasions, FuelCheck will show a nearby suburb where the cheapest fuel or types of fuel in use, can be found. You can then decide if you want to drive to the cheapest petrol station or buy closer to your location.

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