Petrol price signs

Why is a new fuel price standard needed in NSW?

The NSW standard was updated due to changing consumption patterns, with premium fuels, E10 and diesel now the most commonly sold fuels in NSW. Motorists had also become confused about fuel price signs. The new rules allow for a level playing field for motorists who can compare undiscounted fuel prices. This will help motorists  make an informed choice and help drive competition.

Can a fuel price sign advertise a discounted price?

Under the new standard, only the price available to all consumers can be displayed. However, a sign can still contain information about a discount or special offer (eg. “save 4 cents per litre”).

What does this mean for the shopper docket discount schemes?

No change. The schemes can still operate and while the discounted price can’t be up on the board, the discount can be advertised.

Can service stations have more than one price board?

Yes, as long as they advertise four fuels (if selling four or more fuels).

What fuel prices must be displayed by a service station selling four fuels or more?

A service station must show the price of at least four fuels, being LPG, E10 and/or diesel (if these are sold), together with the top-selling fuels for that service station.

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