Electrical power tools

Safety information for buying and using electrical power tools.

Power tools that run from mains power must comply with Australian safety standards at time of sale, be approved, and

be marked with an Australian approval number or mark. Ask the sales person to show you the approval number or approval mark of a portable electrical power tool.

What to avoid

Power tools without an Australian approval number or mark could be unsafe. Overseas approval numbers or approval marks such as CE or GS are not recognised in Australia. Do not buy this equipment! Report these dealings to NSW Fair Trading on 13 32 20.

Tips for tradespeople

Currently, electrical power tools promoted exclusively to industry don’t need to be approved by NSW Fair Trading but they must comply with minimum safety standards as required by the Electricity (Consumer Safety) Regulation 2015.

Builder beware

We’ve become aware of imported power tools, not approved for sale, sold at NSW building sites. These tools may come in carry cases bearing well known trade names. The cases may be marked with a voltage or voltage range that does not include 240V or are equipped with different flexible cords or plugs that do not fit Australian power outlets and are not acceptable in Australia.

IMPORTANT – Power tools without an Australian approval number or mark could be unsafe. Don’t buy them!

The power tool carry case may include a travel adaptor to enable use in Australia. This is not acceptable, as the units are required by law to be fitted with an Australian approved plug.

Builders should be wary of building site sales and report suspect deals to NSW Fair Trading as quickly as possible.


Anyone offering or supplying non-compliant, unapproved or unmarked power tools to the general public risks a maximum penalty of $825,000 for a corporation or $82,500 and/or two years imprisonment for an individual.

Help stamp out unsafe power tools

NSW Fair Trading investigators visit shops, market stalls, field days and auctions. They have the power to seize unapproved or unsafe electrical power tools, and order any person selling unsafe tools to carry out a public recall.

Promote safety by helping us stamp out the illegal sale of non-compliant and dangerous power tools. Contact Fair Trading to report suspect deals and concerns about the safety of portable electrical power tools for sale.