Online shopping research

Australians spend more than $11 billion every year shopping online. Fair Trading conducted an online survey to gauge consumers' experiences of online shopping.

The survey was available from 15 March until 30 April 2017. A total of 1,139 survey responses were received.

Key research findings

Some of the key findings of this research are:

  • Almost 40% of people who have bought goods or services online experienced problems with their purchase.
  • Of those who reported having problems, almost half (47.49%) of the issues related to the delivery of goods which were damaged, late or never arrived.
  • Nearly half of all respondents (46.34%) reported problems buying goods online from an overseas supplier.
  • One in five (20.41%) survey respondents did not know they have the same rights when buying goods and services online from an Australian supplier as when buying in-store.

View or download the Online Shopping Survey Report (PDF, 353.8 KB).

Previous research on online shopping was completed in 2012

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