Fundraising by branches

An application can be made for a parent organisation to include specified branches, auxiliaries, subsidiaries etc in NSW on its authority to fundraise.

Application to include branches

If an application includes branches, the following information must be provided for each branch:

  • its name, including any trading or business name; and
  • its business address, postal address, the address of the registered office and the phone number.

The registered office is the place that notices can be served and records kept. A branch may, even though it’s under the direction and control of another organisation, apply for an authority to fundraise in its own right as long as it’s not included as a branch of the parent organisations authority to fundraise.

If authority to fundraise includes branches

Although branches do not separately hold an authority to fundraise, the branches must comply with all the provisions of the Act, regulations, and the authority conditions as if they were the holder of an authority. The authority holder must make sure its branches follow all the financial, fundraising and organisational accountability requirements.

Changes to particulars about branches

An authority holder is required to let us know in writing within 28 days of any change to the following:

  • the name, including the trading or business name of any branch;
  • the business address, the postal address, the address of the registered office and the phone number of any branch;
  • any branch which is no longer under the direction and control of the governing body of the applicant organisation; and
  • any branch which has ceased to operate.
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