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  1. What kind of plans should be signed off and declared by a statutory declaration?

    All, including floor plans of completed buildings. Sometime councils do not have actual end of build plans and do not check them for accuracy.

  2. Should a statutory declaration accompany all variations to plans or only major variations?

    All variations. For example repositioning of kitchens

  3. How should plans be provided to, or accessed by, the Building Commissioner?


  4. In what circumstances would it be difficult to document performance solutions and their compliance with the BCA?

  5. What would the process for declaring that a building complies with its plans look like?

    Visual inspection and routine audits

  6. What kind of role should builders play in declaring final building work?

    Builders should be audited and inspected unannounced. They should not be relied upon for their accuracy, honestly or ethical behaviour.

  7. Which builders involved in building work should be responsible for signing off on buildings?

    All builders need to be made accountable they are all responsible for building work

  8. Are existing licensing regimes appropriate to be accepted as registration for some builders and building designers, such as architects, for the new scheme?

    Yes, So long as all have a license and this license makes them accountable.

  9. What should be the minimum requirements for a registration scheme?

    Qualification by RTO, or experience with references and employees and contractors with qualifications that do the work.

  10. What form of insurance should be mandatory for ‘building designers’? Why?

    Building insurance because the design may cause defects or safety concerns

  11. What kinds of minimum requirements should be prescribed for the insurance policy (for example, value, length of cover, etc.)?

    10 years structural for all new buildings and less stringent definitions of major works. The 2 year dead line for minor works should be 5 years. Builders are strategic in delaying rectification of works so that the warranty period expires.

  12. What skills should be mandatory for ‘building designers’?


  13. Which categories of building practitioners should owe a duty of care?

    architects, designers, engineers, builders and anyone else who is contracted or works on a building.

  14. What should be the scope of the duty of care? Should it apply to all or certain types of work? If so, which work?

    Duty of care should be with the consumer who owns or will own (if off plan) the building. It should apply to all works

  15. What types of consumers should be owed a duty of care?

    All consumers

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