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  1. What kind of plans should be signed off and declared by a statutory declaration?

    None. Plans should be signed by competent persons who are registered to practice in a particular area of experience/specialty. Registrations need to be granted by approved assessment entities.

  2. Should a statutory declaration accompany all variations to plans or only major variations?

    Regardless of changes, all works need to be assessed and confirmed as being satisfactory by competent persons.

  3. How should plans be provided to, or accessed by, the Building Commissioner?

    In the current contractual arrangements commonly employed in the building industry, it is likely only possible on completion of the project. The building commissioner can apply to the local councils for the registered plans unless they want to set up a new scheme.

  4. In what circumstances would it be difficult to document performance solutions and their compliance with the BCA?

    where there is no record of conformance/basis of certification - refer Queensland Form 15

  5. What would the process for declaring that a building complies with its plans look like?

    Refer Queensland Form 16

  6. What kind of role should builders play in declaring final building work?

    A significant one. Public infrastructure is typically let by an informed client, prequalified builders and the contract administered by experienced people to standardised technical specifications. The building industry is less inclined to have a contract administrator who is reviewing the building quality. Contracts are formulated to push any risk from the building onto consultants though we never see evidence of conformance of building materials which is the responsibility of the builder.

  7. Which builders involved in building work should be responsible for signing off on buildings?

    Registered Builders only - able to demonstrate competence and experience in similar works. Also able to provide documented evidence of conforming works - Quality control for materials, Inspections and test point sign-offs etc

  8. Are existing licensing regimes appropriate to be accepted as registration for some builders and building designers, such as architects, for the new scheme?

    Refer Queensland Register for professional engineers or Engineers australia National Engineering Register.

  9. What should be the minimum requirements for a registration scheme?

  10. What form of insurance should be mandatory for ‘building designers’? Why?

    10 times the fee payable

  11. What kinds of minimum requirements should be prescribed for the insurance policy (for example, value, length of cover, etc.)?

    This will depend on what the insurance market is willing to supply.

  12. What skills should be mandatory for ‘building designers’?

    Building structures engineers who design multi story buildings then nominate the slabs as being a design & construct item, should take more responsibility in the incorporation of the slab design in their work. A registration scheme to allow engineers who can provide specialist design may be needed. Building designers - architectural or technicians should have more understanding of waterproofing detailing and ventilation.

  13. Which categories of building practitioners should owe a duty of care?

    This is dangerously close to being a fit for purpose statement. Our duty of care is to provide a design using reasonable skill of a professional person that conforms to the NCC. Not all complying solutions have the same maintenance /inspection requirements. Will the duty of care, mean we are liable for any potential maintenance costs which have risen.

  14. What should be the scope of the duty of care? Should it apply to all or certain types of work? If so, which work?

    The scope should be limited to the system in place in queensland

  15. What types of consumers should be owed a duty of care?

    Everyone is assumed to be protected under the queensland system

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