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    Azcorp Property Consultants

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    George Aziz

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    Azcorp property Consultants

Questions on possible options

  1. What kind of plans should be signed off and declared by a statutory declaration?

    all Plans should be signed off by the Author and verified by the Planning Authority, (Private certifiying authority)to confirm that the author is the signature on the plans Ther is no need for the Statutory declaration

  2. Should a statutory declaration accompany all variations to plans or only major variations?

    No but all variation must be approved as authentic to the Author

  3. How should plans be provided to, or accessed by, the Building Commissioner?

    Planning Authority and or Private certifying Authorities must produce full documentations on request. Currently all documents in council can be accessed Private certifiers documenst cannot be accessed and it should Be

  4. In what circumstances would it be difficult to document performance solutions and their compliance with the BCA?

    The BCA documents are very clear on compliance, and the certifying Authority must not sign off on any plans unless compliance is evident on the plans and if necessary to vary thye BCA guide by Deem to satisfay alternative Solution . the author of the deemed to satisfy alternative solution must be held responsable for the report.

  5. What would the process for declaring that a building complies with its plans look like?

    all plans in stage 1 and stage 2 submission , such as Development Consent plans and construction certificate plans must comply, not only by a certifice of compliance , but must show compliance and how it will comply

  6. What kind of role should builders play in declaring final building work?

    The Builder is responsable to obtaing suitable plans from all consultants that are involve in the building of any Structure , all consultants should be responsable for their work and should give certification for their design and reports , if they fail to design to the standard and to the elements including the nature of the grounds and classification of the substrade , their responsability shoudl not be overlooked, A builder who fail to follow instruction and take a short cut should be a: not givin the OC b: if an engineer or consultants involve in reproting or designing the building fail to inspect propery and certify the work as being adequate , should be held responsable and fined together with the builder

  7. Which builders involved in building work should be responsible for signing off on buildings?

    Currently most buiolding are being build by non licensed builder ( Developers) They cant sign on anything, they have no responsability, they dont have HWI or home comensation Fund, because the building is over 4 stories this is the biggest problem, Developers should have a minimum of 15 Years warranty in many cases ; the Project Managers running the site from their office and have no idea about building compliance , engineers are assisting the non compliance . large Building ( High Rise) should be checked and signed off on by the Architect who is the designer and certify his design to comply with BCA The BCA , NCC are very thorough and adequate to produce first Class building Abuses of the thse CODES are the one to blame . no more regulation needed what is needed is to ensure what is built is professionally Built.

  8. Are existing licensing regimes appropriate to be accepted as registration for some builders and building designers, such as architects, for the new scheme?

    Our certification system is very good when is obtained honourably with the appropriate knoledge and practicle experience

  9. What should be the minimum requirements for a registration scheme?

    Proper qualifications , building knoledge , Competents and honest person

  10. What form of insurance should be mandatory for ‘building designers’? Why?

    Too many insurance will not solve the problem, if the Developer orany consultants in the building industries fail in their duties and comprimise on the work by certifying of site , or reciev payment to overlook compliance , should be dealt with with heavy monatery and suspension of Practice. the developer should not be allowed to be in charge or the owner of any building site

  11. What kinds of minimum requirements should be prescribed for the insurance policy (for example, value, length of cover, etc.)?

    Currently the Builders insurance only cover during Construction and cease as OC is Issued The Strata Insurance issued the owners corporation. insurance cant be duplcated The Developer , should have in trust an amount XX for each unit to be held by the building Commissioner for 6 Years

  12. What skills should be mandatory for ‘building designers’?

    Building designers should be Categorised depend on thier experience and projects involvments , and should up to Architect Guild to Elevate the Architect to an acceptable level depending on his or her experiences.

  13. Which categories of building practitioners should owe a duty of care?

    all involve in any building should owe duty of care regardless of the JOB

  14. What should be the scope of the duty of care? Should it apply to all or certain types of work? If so, which work?

    full and abselute duty of care should apply to all residential work

  15. What types of consumers should be owed a duty of care?

    The consumer who made the payment to benefit from the investment should be owed duty of care

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