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The NSW Fair Trading Complaints Register Guidelines Review Report is in the ‘Documents’ section.

The review considered the design and administration of the Guidelines, what information could add value to the Guidelines and improve the operation of the Register, and changes to the structure of and information included in the Register.

Excluded from the review was the existence of the Register itself, the legislation underpinning it, Fair Trading’s use of the definition of a complaint and Fair Trading’s compliance with the Guidelines since the Register was launched.

Some of the methodology which informed the review’s findings and recommendations, included:

  • Public consultation around an Issues Paper
  • Online user survey
  • Web statistics
  • Analysis of complaints data
  • Consultation with other Australian consumer protection agencies
  • Desktop review of other agencies’ publication of identifiable complaint data in Australia and overseas, and a literature scan about the evidence of impact from such practices.

The review found that, overall, the existing Guidelines are effective in governing the operation of the Register and, with the recommended improvements, will continue to be.

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