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    I played a lot of paint ball before I was 18. Im now 28. I was looking into buying my own rifle and building it into something similar to an ar-15. The laws changed and made it illegal to buy and own without Class A air rifle license. So that plan died quick. Owning a paintball gun should not require any government interference. It should be run through a paintball organization. This government has made everything so difficult. I know all the gov cares about is MONEY. I have worked for the gov. Look at the cost of everything now. Let me have the paintball gun i always wanted to have an enjoy without the need for stupid laws. ALSO let airsoft and gel blasters into the state. Look at QLD. They have it and its booming. Its fun for everyone. Gun laws are way more relaxed in QLD and do they have an issue? NO. The rant is a lot of frustration. Change the laws. Make this state a fun place again.

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