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    The Paintall Place Pty Ltd

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    Craig Christie

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    The Paintall Place Pty Ltd

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    In response to the proposed changes, we foresee the lowering of the age both inappropriate and costly. The age limit, as it stands, has limited business by having an under age appeal. Lowering to include 12 - 15 year olds will damage the potential future clientele. This business has seen the decline happen since the age limit was reduces to 16 years. How is it possible to hand a child under 16 years a firearm, when they are not not legally entitled to hold a minors firearm permit? As for the Discussion of the proposed regulation are you stating that the industry is unsafe as it stands? We provide training to our staff, we provide safety information talks tour customers and provide referee`s on field with participants at all times. This standard has kept our business with an excellent name for over 20 years. As far as paintball maker sharing, we do not see the need for this. There is no clarity on the proposed protective equipment. Does this change by category, such as age, height, weight, style of head gear? (what is a paintball helmet?)

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