Tow Truck Industry Regulation

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Questions on possible options

  1. Do you think it is appropriate to exclude multi car carriers from the definition of a tow truck?


  2. Do you agree that an applicant must provide proof they have the relevant consent approval for the use of a holding yard?


  3. Do you agree that a tow truck drivers certificate should only be suspended and not revoked for medical reasons or for failure to renew a drivers licence?


  4. Are all of the offences listed in clauses 7 and 16 proportionate to the penalty of automatic revocation if convicted? If so, why?

    Yes they are. We need people of good character and history in the Industry to maintain the high standards to the general public. But in saying that, Maybe the Department should be looking at the operators and drivers already licenced in the Industry also as there is no point only allowing people with good character into the Industry when there may already be people in the Industry that shouldnt be ?

  5. Do you think any other information should be included in the towing authorisation form?

    No, There is already enough ! In regards to the Quotation form, I have found that when the Insurance company is paying for the Towing (Which is 99.9% of the time) of the vehicles, The Owners are not interested in the Quotation form and dont want one as they are not paying for the Towing anyway....

  6. Is there anything else that should be included in the holding yard provisions to ensure the safety of vehicles?

    No. A smaller Towing Company with one or two Trucks doesnt have the luxury of a concrete tilt slab shed like a 20 truck Company may have. A holding yard should be looked at a case by case scenario and the history of any incidents or issues at the Yard.

  7. Do you think the fee unit (0.6 per hour) appropriate for the clean-up of debris from a heavy vehicle accident or accident in non-metropolitan areas, if not why not?


  8. Do you think the tow truck equipment outlined in clause 83 is appropriate for the clean-up of debris?


  9. Do you think that scrap metal operators should be required to keep clean-up equipment in their tow truck?


  10. What is the appropriate amount required for a tow truck operator to begin the process of disposing an unclaimed vehicle?


  11. Do you agree that those who tow recreational vehicles (including caravans) should be exempt from the requirement to be licensed under the Regulation?


  12. Do you agree that mechanics should be allowed to drive a tow truck under the circumstances outlined above?


  13. Do you agree with the proposal to add types of motor vehicles that are allowed to be towed without a licence or driver certificate? What type of equipment should be exempt and why?


  14. Do you think any of the penalties in the Regulation need to be changed? If so why?

    No. We are already the most over regulated State in the Country and by just keep increasing the fines time and time again is not the answer to getting Operators And Drivers to do the right thing. Why not offer some training and support for people may need help complying with the rules and regulations. Education is the key, Not just keep fining people over and over ??

  15. Do you think it is appropriate to change the CPI fee to be consistent with other Regulation fee calculations in the Customer Service portfolio?


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