Tow Truck Industry Regulation

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Questions on possible options

  1. Do you think it is appropriate to exclude multi car carriers from the definition of a tow truck?


  2. Do you agree that an applicant must provide proof they have the relevant consent approval for the use of a holding yard?


  3. Do you agree that a tow truck drivers certificate should only be suspended and not revoked for medical reasons or for failure to renew a drivers licence?


  4. Are all of the offences listed in clauses 7 and 16 proportionate to the penalty of automatic revocation if convicted? If so, why?


  5. Do you think any other information should be included in the towing authorisation form?

    there is a lot of information that should not be on the only putting 3 insurance companies out of thousands of companies, if you cant list all well ,dont list any eg: the customer has the right to choose who tows there vehicle so why does it state they need to contact there insurance company top arrange towing

  6. Is there anything else that should be included in the holding yard provisions to ensure the safety of vehicles?

    the cars that are stored at our yard are safe considering the fee of $23 a day it costs to store when you compare parking at the airport for the day will cost you in excess of $100 a cant ask for much more paying $23 a day

  7. Do you think the fee unit (0.6 per hour) appropriate for the clean-up of debris from a heavy vehicle accident or accident in non-metropolitan areas, if not why not?

    put it in dollar terms so that everyone understands

  8. Do you think the tow truck equipment outlined in clause 83 is appropriate for the clean-up of debris?


  9. Do you think that scrap metal operators should be required to keep clean-up equipment in their tow truck?


  10. What is the appropriate amount required for a tow truck operator to begin the process of disposing an unclaimed vehicle?


  11. Do you agree that those who tow recreational vehicles (including caravans) should be exempt from the requirement to be licensed under the Regulation?


  12. Do you agree that mechanics should be allowed to drive a tow truck under the circumstances outlined above?


  13. Do you agree with the proposal to add types of motor vehicles that are allowed to be towed without a licence or driver certificate? What type of equipment should be exempt and why?

    personal vehicles,machinery

  14. Do you think any of the penalties in the Regulation need to be changed? If so why?

    they are all outdated ..the tow truck authority make there own rules as they go..they notified me about "unwritten legislation" that they implement..if it is not written and not legislated then how do you abide by them..i am happy for you to contact me to discuss this

  15. Do you think it is appropriate to change the CPI fee to be consistent with other Regulation fee calculations in the Customer Service portfolio?


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