Buying a used car: Damage

One month after Jonathon bought a used car he found out it had been damaged in an accident by the previous owner. The dealer hadn’t told him about it.

After driving the car around for a month Jonathon organised what he thought was a routine service. The first thing the mechanic noticed was that the chassis had been welded back together after a major accident. He told Jonathon that it was not roadworthy.

“…I was devastated I mean, cause we thought buying a car from a dealer, that we would be safe – but apparently not.”

He contacted NSW Fair Trading who talked to the dealer on his behalf. Jonathon felt that he was treated very well by Fair Trading. The matter was handled swiftly and he was kept well-informed of the progress of the case. The dealer eventually agreed to buy the car back off Jonathon.

“…the best thing (was) basically just knowing that I hadn’t been done over and I had a leg to stand on.”

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