Supporting local communities

Supporting local communities is a series of four videos showing how our staff from different areas of NSW Fair Trading support consumers and traders across the State and the services we provide, such as:

  • settling home building disputes
  • reaching out to local communities through education and information seminars and My Place events
  • helping to resolve consumer and trader complaints and answer customer enquiries through our call centre
  • enforcing fair trading laws in the real estate industry through our compliance and enforcement activities and more.

The videos are part of our supporting local communities strategy, which helps increase community awareness of fair trading issues and ensure that consumers and traders of NSW feel confident in a changing marketplace.

Community outreach services

Watch our video on community outreach services  on YouTube


Settling home building disputes

Watch our video on settling home building disputes on YouTube


Answering customer enquiries

Watch our video on answering customer enquiries on YouTube


Enforcing laws in the real estate industry

Watch our video on enforcing laws in the real estate industry on YouTube

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