Consumer building guide

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The consumer building guide is a mandatory document issued by NSW Fair Trading. A tradesperson must provide the consumer with a guide before they sign a contract for residential building work worth more than $5,000.

The consumer building guide can be reproduced and included as part of home building contracts on the following conditions:

  • The information is not modified
  • The NSW Fair Trading logo is not reproduced unless the PDF of the Consumer building guide is reproduced in its original format and without alteration.

For any use of the information other than inclusion with home building contracts, please refer to our copyright page.

Some building industry associations also provide the guide as part of their sample contracts for traders to use.

Changes to the guide

If you have a guide from before 1 March 2015, it is no longer accurate. Traders should use the updated guide and updated contracts as soon as possible.

The update also changed the threshold for different types of contracts and ‘small jobs’ contracts should now include a copy of the Consumer building guide.

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