Auctioneer accreditation

To be an auctioneer, you need to have an accredited real estate or a stock and station agent’s licence with the appropriate qualifications.


Automatic accreditation is not granted to agents is they previously held an auctioneer’s licence or attended auction training in the past.

To demonstrate competency in the required units, a licence holder needs to be assessed as competent by a qualified trainer working with a registered training organisation.

An auctioneer with training and experience, who is competent at his or her work and acts ethically will probably find that they only need to undertake some training in the new auction provisions of the Act.

Application for accreditation

Following assessment, the licence holder is issued with a statement of attainment, which allows an application for accreditation to be made to NSW Fair Trading. Application forms are available from the Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS).

When lodging an application for accreditation, attach evidence that the relevant competencies have been attained along with the prescribed fee (cheques and money orders to be made payable to Fair Trading).

Applications should be posted to:

Property Services Licensing
NSW Fair Trading
Locked Bag 5104
Parramatta NSW 2124

If a licensee intends to conduct auctions under both a stock and station agent class and a real estate agent class of licence, you must complete all four competencies and attach evidence to the application.

If a person has had his or her licence accredited to conduct one type of auction and later applies to have another accreditation added, the prescribed fee will again be payable. If all accreditations are applied for in the one application and accompanied by the required evidence of competency completion, only one prescribed fee is payable.

Contact Fair Trading’s Property Services Licensing Unit on 9619 8799 for more information.

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