Addendum to new tenant checklist

Before a new tenant signs a residential lease, the real estate agent or private landlord must give them a copy of the New tenant checklist and this addendum (updated 30 May 2016). To download these resources, visit the new tenant checklist page.

Property containing loose-fill asbestos insulation

Properties in NSW that test positive for loose-fill asbestos insulation will have the property address included in a public register (available on the NSW Fair Trading website). If a property has been listed on this public register, the agent or private landlord must disclose this information to new tenants. The following section lists the other information that must be provided to tenants before they sign a lease.

What tenants must be told

Sometimes a residential property has something in its history that you should know. If the landlord or agent is aware of any of the following facts, they must inform you:

  • if the property:
    • has been affected by flooding or bushfire in the previous 5 years
    • has significant health or safety risks (unless they are obvious when you inspect the property)
    • has been the scene of a violent crime in the previous 5 years
    • is affected by zoning or laws that will not allow you to obtain a parking permit and only paid parking is available in the area
    • is provided with council waste services on a different basis to other premises in the area
    • is listed on the loose-fill asbestos insulation register
  • if other people are entitled to share the driveway or walkway.

The information below is included in the current New tenant checklist. It is provided here to enable the use of the previous version of the checklist dated January 2014 with this addendum.

Managing your bond online

Before paying your rental bond, ask your agent or landlord about using Rental Bonds Online. If they are registered, you can securely pay your bond direct to NSW Fair Trading using a credit card or BPAY, without the need to fill out and sign the bond lodgement form referred to above. Once registered, you can continue to use your account for future tenancies. If you have lodged your bond through Rental Bonds Online you will receive an email and SMS notification, not a letter.

Swimming and spa pools

Does the property have a swimming or spa pool? If so, the landlord must give you a copy of a valid certificate of compliance or occupation certificate issued in the past 3 years. This does not apply if you are renting in a strata or community scheme of more than two lots.

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