Retirement Village Ambassador program

The Retirement Village Ambassador program launched in December 2018. The program has been developed as part of the Government’s plan to improve retirement village living in NSW.

Who is the Retirement Village Ambassador?

The NSW Government recently appointed Ms. Kathryn Greiner AO as the NSW Retirement Village Ambassador.

Ms. Greiner brings considerable understanding of issues faced by those living in retirement villages, having led the inquiry into NSW retirement villages in 2017. Ms. Greiner is also the Chairperson of the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Ageing and provides advice on issues and concerns of older citizens to the NSW Government.

What is the role of the Retirement Village Ambassador?

In her role as Ambassador, Ms. Greiner will visit various locations and retirement village communities across NSW to:

  • Inform residents about the changes to retirement village laws;
  • Listen to issues faced by residents and present these issues to the NSW Government;
  • Advocate for residents where appropriate, including representing the residents’ perspective to create awareness and generate recommendations for further change;
  • Monitor and report on continuing and emerging issues faced by the sector
  • Read the Retirement Village Ambassador program Terms of Reference here (PDF, 194.15 KB).

How to invite the Ambassador to speak at your village or community group

To request a visit from the Retirement Village Ambassador to your village or community group, contact Fair Trading on 13 32 20 or by email to

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