Maintenance schedule

Initial maintenance schedule

The original owner of a strata scheme needs to prepare the first maintenance schedule which details how the common property is maintained. The schedule, in hard copy or electronic, should go to the owners corporation at least 48 hours before the first annual general meeting.

Purpose of the schedule

The initial maintenance schedule sets out the obligations and costs of maintaining the common property.

The owners corporation isn’t required to follow the schedule.

What must be included in the schedule

The schedule should include the maintenance and inspection times for:

  • exterior walls, guttering, downpipes and roof
  • pools and surrounds including fencing and gates
  • air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems
  • fire protection equipment including sprinkler systems, alarms and smoke detectors
  • security access systems, and
  • embedded network and micro-grids.

This is not an exhaustive list.

The following must be included or attached to the schedule:

  • all warranties for systems, equipment and things referred to in the schedule
  • any manuals or maintenance requirements provided by the manufacturer of those things, and
  • the names and contact details of the manufacturers and installers of those things.
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