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The developer must select from a strata inspector panel, a qualified person to appoint as a building inspector to complete the interim and final inspections and produce reports.

The qualified person may only be appointed by the developer once the owners corporation has approved the appointment.

If the developer fails to appoint a building inspector, the Building Bond Secretary will choose one from the strata inspector panel.

For further details on the strata inspector panel, refer to key terms above.

Strata building bond and inspections scheme online portal

The Strata building bond and inspections scheme online portal (the portal) is used for all requirements under the scheme, including all written notices required under legislation.

Each body listed in the regulation must maintain their own strata inspector register that can be accessed through the online portal.

1. Bond lodgement

It is the responsibility of the developer to lodge the building bond. Stage one does not directly affect the strata inspector panel.

2. Inspector appointment

A developer needs to appoint a building inspector to complete an interim and final inspections and reports. The building inspector must initially be appointed within 12 months after the occupation certificate is issued for the strata building.

An inspector is qualified to undertake inspections and produce reports if they are a member of a strata inspector panel. The Strata Inspector Panel Guidelines (DOCX, 306.07 KB) helps developers appoint a building inspector, and the Strata Inspector Panel Secretary's process (DOCX, 328.1 KB) helps the Building Bond Secretary appoint a building inspector.

Each body will have their own processes and membership criteria to determine if a person is suitable to perform building inspections and produce reports for the purposes of the Strata building bond and inspections scheme.

The body will determine if the qualified person will be included on their strata inspection panel. Inclusion on a panel qualifies the person to be a building inspector.

The strata inspector panels should satisfy the terms and conditions within the guideline documents. It is the SIPs responsibility to keep current their contact details and links between the online portal and their own SIP registers.

The SIP is involved during the stages of inspector appointment and regulation of their members only.

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