Funeral information standard

Funeral directors in NSW must comply with an information standard for funeral goods and services.

Who does the information standard apply to?

All NSW funeral directors and any business in NSW that arranges and conducts funerals.

What is the purpose of the information standard?

To ensure funeral directors provide customers with:

  • funeral information, including prices, about goods and services offered by the funeral director relating to burials and cremations
  • an itemised quote before entering into a contract or agreement.

What do funeral directors need to do?

All funeral directors are required to display the price of funeral information about the goods and services they offer relating to burial and cremations. Funeral information must be displayed at each place of business and on any public website maintained by the funeral director.

Funeral information includes:

  • the price of each of the following—
    • the transport of the body prior to burial or cremation
    • the storage of the body at a mortuary or holding room
    • the hire of a refrigeration plate
    • each type of coffin, casket or shroud supplied or the price range of all coffins, caskets or shrouds supplied
    • the care and preparation of the body prior to burial or cremation
    • a viewing of the body prior to burial or cremation
    • the arrangement and conduct of a funeral service (including hire of the venue)
    • the burial or cremation of the body.
  • the location of the mortuary or crematorium used by the funeral director
  • if the funeral director uses a mortuary or crematorium that is not owned or managed by the funeral director, the name of the owner or manager
  • a reasonable estimate of the following disbursements—
    • the cost of obtaining of a death certificate from the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages
    • the cost of obtaining any certificate or permit required under the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 1995 or the Public Health Act 2010 in relation to the body
    • any fee charged by a cemetery or crematorium in relation to the burial or cremation of a body.
  • the price of the least expensive package for the burial or cremation of a body supplied by the funeral director
  • how a body is transported prior to burial or cremation.

View the template showing how ‘funeral information’ may be displayed.

View the Frequently Asked Questions


If funeral directors fail to comply with the information standard requirements they may have to pay a fine of $550 for an individual or $1100 for a corporation. In serious cases, they may be prosecuted under the Fair Trading Act 1987. The maximum penalty if they are convicted under the Act is $5,500.

If you have questions about the funeral information standard call Fair Trading on 13 32 20.

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