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  • Strata Process Map_v12

    30 June, 2020

    Strata building bond and inspections scheme (SBBIS) process. STAGE 8Completingthe process. STAGE 1Building bondlodgement. STAGE 3Interim inspectionand report. STAGE 4Rectify defectivebuilding work. STAGE 5Final inspectionand report. STAGE 6Determine

  • 2020 Christian Dior

    10 March, 2020

    An application by Christian Dior to trade on a Easter Sunday 2020. For public consultation.

  • Rental Bond Board Annual Report 2006-2007

    6 November, 2007

    2005-2007. Rental Bond BoardAnnual Report2006 – 2007. www.fair October2007. FT320. ... FTIC), local Fair Trading Centreslocated throughout NSW and the Rental BondInternet Service (RBIS).

  • Mobile Devices (Chinese)

    27 October, 2017

    Information on buying a mobile phone or tablet, or signing up to a new mobile contract translated into Chinese.

  • Community Land Management Bill 2019 - table of reforms | NSW Fair Trading

    23 July, 2020

    Bill reference - cl 211. Allows non-payment to be pursued by Revenue NSW through the Fines Act 1996. ... 4.28 Ensure greater consistency between the community scheme laws and the laws governing the Tribunal (that is, the new NSW Civil and Administrative

  • Housing & Property

    Stock and station agents | NSW Fair Trading

    23 July, 2020

    Stock and station agents. General rules of conduct applying to all licensees and registered persons. Rules specific to stock and station agents and registered persons they employ.