PCA appointment notification to council: clearly identify the individual appointed

A notice to council of appointment as principal certifying authority (PCA) must clearly identify the individual certifier. This is a statutory requirement.

Council staff may in error record the certifier's company name as the PCA if a notice doesn't clearly identify the individual certifier who was appointed.

The Building Professionals Board often receives enquiries from people having trouble contacting the PCA for a development. Their frustration undermines public confidence in private certification, which ultimately impacts the whole industry as well as local government.

What can certifiers do?

  • Make sure your notice of PCA appointment clearly identifies you as the PCA, not your company – leave no room for misinterpretation.
  • Refer to clause 73 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000, which lists what to include and also enables councils to require a council-approved form be used.

What can councils do?

  • Record the individual certifier's name as the PCA, not the company.
  • When asked by the public who the PCA is, give the individual certifier's name and contact details, not the company.

The only exception to the above is when the PCA is an accredited body corporate, when the name of the company should be recorded as the PCA.