Clause 2.3 'clear span' requirements and dividing fences

A pool barrier that’s also a dividing fence with a neighbouring property does not have to comply with clause 2.3 of AS 1926-1986 insofar as it requires a 'clear span' of 1.2m to finished ground level within the 'outside quadrant' referred to in that clause.

Refer to clause 5(3) of the Swimming Pools Regulation 1998 and clause 4(3) of the Swimming Pools Regulation 1992, as well as figure 2.1 of the 1986 Standard which shows how the 1.2m quadrant radius is measured.

The dividing fence must still meet the other provisions of clause 2.3 of AS 1926-1986, including the need for it to be at least 1.2m in 'effective perpendicular' height at any point along the fence.