Operating an approval scheme

Declared electrical articles must be approved before they are sold in the NSW market. The Act allows for schemes, other than the one administered by NSW Fair Trading and other state and territory electrical regulators, to be recognised by the Minister for Fair Trading.

The Act requires that a person conducting a scheme must be accredited or become accredited within 12 months of the application. The person must also agree to implement a system for approval and marking of the declared electrical articles and to comply with other conditions as imposed by the Minister. Refer to Section 15 of the Electricity (Consumer Safety) Act and Part 3 of the Electricity (Consumer Safety) Regulations for more information.

View or download a copy of the recognised external approval schemes – conditions (PDF, 41.95 KB) for a list of the conditions that an applicant for the scheme must meet. Organisations interested in applying for the scheme should download a copy of the application for declaration as a recognised external approval scheme (PDF, 34.79 KB).

Post your completed application forms and supporting documents to:

Electrical & Gas Unit
PO Box 972 Parramatta NSW 2124
Tel: 02 9895 0722
Email: energyapprovals@customerservice.nsw.gov.au

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