Holding yards

Requirement to have a holding yard

If you are a tow truck operator authorised to conduct Category A accident towing (holders of four-digit tow truck number plates), you must maintain a holding yard for the storage of accident damaged vehicles. The holding yard must be within 10 km of your registered place of business, unless an exemption has been approved by Fair Trading.

The holding yard must be capable of storing any motor vehicle towed under the authority of the licence and it must be accessible at all times by each licensed tow truck operated by the licensee.

Exemptions from the requirement to have a holding yard

If you only operate tow trucks which have a GCM of at least 25 tonnes, you are not required to maintain a holding yard. You are also exempt from the requirement if you operate tow trucks only for the purposes of metal recycling or vehicle demolishing or dismantling by a vehicle-wrecker.

The Holding yard policy, is available from the Tow truck forms and policies page, and provides detailed information about the requirements for a holding yard and the responsibilities of the operator.

Adding a new holding yard to your licence

Tow truck operators must notify Fair Trading at least 7 days prior of their intention to change holding yards, or add a new holding yard to their licence.

Using a holding yard which is not listed on your licence is an offence and you cannot charge any fees for using an unauthorised holding yard. You can have more than one holding yard and can amend your licence by either adding or removing a holding yard.

Once we receive your application to add or change a holding yard with the supporting documentation, we will contact you and advise whether an inspection of your holding yard is required. If we are satisfied that the holding yard meets the requirements of the policy, you will be advised whether an inspection of the holding yard will be required.

There is no charge for an inspection however, any re-inspection of the premises may attract a fee at the rate of $50 per hour.

Once we are satisfied that the premises are satisfactory, the addition of the holding yard will be approved and your tow truck operator licence will be amended accordingly and reissued to you.

If the holding yard does not comply with the policy, and you don't take any action to ensure compliance, the holding yard will not be added to the licence. You will be notified in writing if your holding yard has not been approved.

Sharing a holding yard

Some tow truck operators share a holding yard with another operator. When you apply to use a holding yard which is already in use by another operator, an inspection will be carried out to ensure that the capacity of the yard is sufficient for the operations of both licensees, and to verify that specific areas have been set aside for each operator.

More information

If you have any questions about any of the requirements relating to holding yards, contact us on 1300 131 134 or towtrucks@finance.nsw.gov.au

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